New Wine Release – La Famiglia Mazza “Tesoro”

Introducing “Tesoro,” the newest wine in our Mazza Vineyards “La Famiglia Mazza” series. This is an old style barrel aged Riesling developed by our assistant winemaker Aneep Pradhan. This wine is a *treasure* to be kept in your cellar to mature, as time will help integrate the flavors to reveal more mineral notes with caramel and vanilla aromas.

Available at Mazza Vineyards in North East and at Mazza Wine Shops in Erie and Zelienople.

Here is some more detailed information about this wine from Aneep:
The “Tesoro” is an old world Riesling. It is a high acidity dry Riesling (with Residual Sugar of about 4 g/L) which has been aged in a new puncheon for about 9 months – in the style of old world Rieslings. This wine has a potential to last at least 5-10 years in the bottle, however, the high acidity and new oak need time to settle down and integrate in the bottle. This is a wine that you should ideally forget in your cellar for at least a few years. If you do, the result is likely to be a wine that is very complex with notes of ripe apples, stone fruit, vanilla, caramel and a palate that’s very fruity with hints of spice and minerals at the end. If you do prefer to drink it sooner, we suggest opening the bottle and let it breathe for about 20 minutes before serving.


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