Locally sourced is just the beginning.

We are situated within the largest grape-growing region east of the Rockies, so we have easy access to high-quality grapes that have been carefully tended right in our own backyard. Over the decades, we have developed long-lasting and rewarding relationships with a number of local growers.

Continuing our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, we have partnered with TimberFish Technologies to pioneer a land-based aquaculture system at our Westfield, NY location. Byproduct from our production facility is reused to support the onsite fish farm with the potential to scale to commercial operations in the coming years, offering nutritional and sustainably raised fish to grocery stores and restaurants while sequestering carbon and making better use of manufacturing waste in the process.

TimberFish Technologies broke ground for their commercial demonstration project at our Westfield location in 2016. The facility will also produce clean water and a high-energy biofuel.

Our entire production process is sustainability minded, from the local agricultural products that go in to repurposing the waste that comes out.
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