What We Make and Do

Mazza produces fine wines, adventurous spirits, and craft beers inspired by and reflective of the Lake Erie AVA.

We operate three primary locations across the region, producing more than 435,000 gallons of fresh juice and wine annually. Our family of brands includes numerous and award-winning wines, spirits, and beers distributing to national and international markets.

Our main wine brands, Mazza Vineyards, South Shore Wine Company, and Mazza Chautauqua Cellars are each constructed around a core and unique collection of products. In addition, we produce a trio of smaller brands, Getaway Wines, Perfect Wines, and Bare Bones Wines that have garnered praise from the industry as well as consumers. All of our wines are carefully crafted – with the help of our close relationship with our growers – from the time vines go into the ground until the time liquid goes into the bottles to be the cleanest, truest representations of the Lake Erie AVA, showcasing our region’s elegant European varietals alongside the crowd-pleasing native varietals that thrive in our terroir.

Five & 20 Spirits and Brewing is our sister spirits and beer brand and shares a home with Mazza Chautauqua Cellars in Westfield, NY, making it New York State’s first combination winery, distillery, and brewery. Our approach to distilling and brewing takes the blending techniques we’ve honed over five decades in winemaking, resulting in smooth and approachable spirits, and a rotating selection of seasonal and specialty craft beers.

Mazza operates a robust bulk and custom operation, providing fresh juice, bulk wine, custom crush, contract bottling, and contract distillation. Brands, from the massive to the emerging, leverage Mazza’s proven expertise and access to natural ingredients to bring their spirited concepts to life.
From our founding in 1972, the Mazza family has always maintained an eye on sustainability, understanding that our end product is only as good as the agricultural products that go into it. We partner with local farms and farmers for the freshest grapes and grain native to our region, and employ sustainable practices throughout the production process.
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