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Mazza Vineyards is a showcase of a clean, experimental New World approach to winemaking, developed, evolved, and very-nearly-perfected over a half century. Browse our diverse wine collections below or view our wines by wine type.

The Tribute Collection

While our wine list has evolved from our first vintage in 1973, this core portfolio of classic varieties has served as its foundation decade over decade, celebrating the wines that we’ve continuously produced and continue to perfect.

Getaway Wines

Bubbly, effortless, and oh, so packable.

  • Mazza Vineyards

    Getaway Rosé

    Red berry notes balanced by a crisp refreshing acidity with a fruity finish
    $17.95 (4 pack)
  • Mazza Vineyards

    Getaway Red

    Natural fruit profile with notes of black cherry, vanilla bean, and cola
    $17.95 (4 pack)
  • Mazza Vineyards

    Getaway White

    Slightly sweet and cheerfully fizzy with notes of white peach and pear
    $17.95 (4 pack)

The La Famiglia Collection

This eclectic and ever-evolving collage is a toast to the latter, reflecting the impressively diverse and intentionally international lineage of winemakers who poured their hearts and souls, talent and techniques, into our wines.

Bare Bones Wines

A no-frills collection inspired by laid-back life on the Lake.

The Vineyard Collection

Six easy-sipping sweeter wines highlighting some of the region’s signature grape varieties.


New look, new name, now in cans! Naturally fermented Pennsylvania Apple juice, lightly carbonated and finished with just the right balance of sweetness.

  • Mazza Vineyards

    2nd Gen Cider

    Naturally fermented Pennsylvania Apple juice, lightly carbonated
    $14.95 (4 pack)

Wine notes sheets are updated as often as possible but in some cases may not match the vintage in your glass. Our tasting room associates will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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