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The Mazza Team

Robert Mazza

Robert Mazza – Owner & Founder
A leader in the PA Wine Industry with a focus on creating quality, local products, Bob has been leading the Mazza team and growing the Mazza business, along with the PA wine industry, since Mazza Vineyards’ beginnings in 1973.

Mario Mazza

Mario Mazza – General Manager, Enologist
With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH – Mario went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Enology from the University of Adelaide in Australia. While there, he gained experience in the Barossa Valley and in the Adelaide Hills. In addition to his early exposure to the family business, Mario has 10 years of experience in research & commercial winemaking, as well as sensory training including the PA Wine Quality Initiative. He has a passion for quality & excellence in both process & product.

Assistant Winemaker Ana Trigo

Ana Trigo – Assistant Winemaker

Ana began in the wine industry with a simple curiosity and appreciation for wine. She engaged in a Master’s degree of Viticulture and Oenology from the Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA) / University of Lisbon in her home country of Portugal. She was thrilled by the complexity and extensiveness of the wine making process, but her first harvest in Duoro Valley (the home of Port Wine) sealed the deal. She has been knocking around the wine industry for over 5 years, having the blissful opportunity to work and live in beautiful wine regions from Europe to Australia to New Zealand. We are happy to welcome Ana to the team to build on the great work of our past winemakers.


Joe Nelson

Joe Nelson – Distiller
With hands-on experience since 2008 and several technical short-courses for distilling, Joe has found his passion and his niche in distillation. His repertoire has grown along with his knowledge and skills; from a previous venture in brewing beer, it has expanded into all areas of fermentation,
including mead, wine, spirits & whiskey.


Paul Alessi – Brewer
After completing his internship with Five & 20 and continuing work alongside our original brewer, Paul was recently invited to step up to the position of Head Brewer. Paul has a passion for beer and brewing, specifically in the WNY region. He is a proud member of the first Brewing Science graduating class at Erie Community College in WNY and a founding and active member of the Stumblin’ Falls Homebrew Club in WNY (for almost 20 years.) Paul has traveled various parts of the world, tasting great beer and visiting different breweries, and is currently studying to become a certified Cicerone. Paul is proud to work for an independent WNY craft brewery and is excited to continue to collaborate with local farmers to create great locally crafted beers.