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Our Story

The Mazza family has been making craft beverages on the shores of Lake Erie for 50 years. Beginning with a single vineyard in 1972, our family – and beverage list – has grown to include five locations and dozens of products, including spirits and craft beers. Today, Mazza produces more than 385,000 gallons of fresh juice and wine and has approximately 550 acres under grapes and grain cultivation in Lake Erie Wine Country.

The fertile land that surrounds us contributes to both the inspiration behind and flavor within our craft beverages. From grapes to grain, we partner closely with local growers, and some of the agricultural products that end up in our bottles are grown right on our own property. Whether you’re raising a wine glass, pint glass, or rocks glass, you can sip with the knowledge that the ingredients that you’re enjoying haven’t traveled far.

We blend a traditional, Old World approach to winemaking with New World techniques for a varied and unique wine list, including varietals and blends using traditional vinifera, hybrid, and native varieties, as well as fruit, sparkling, fortified and dessert wines. Each of our locations offers its own unique selection. Visit them all to experience each distinct atmosphere and tasting experience.

The sourcing and blending techniques and prowess that we’ve honed over decades of winemaking experience informs our approach to our craft spirits and beers. Five & 20 Spirits and Brewing is a collection of smooth, approachable spirits and diverse, unique beers – all utilizing local ingredients. Visit for more information on our spirits and beer production.

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