Staff Resources

Please use this page to view training resources and to share resources with new hires.

These resources and information are geared towards product & brand knowledge only.

For any procedure or operational training and questions, please refer to your lead or manager (procedure binder coming soon). For any other information, please also refer to your lead or manager.

Resources for New Hires


Mazza 101 Powerpoint Presentation
Mazza 101 Worksheet (word doc – print and fill out)


Browse our product “tech sheets” to gain product specific information via the Enjoy Mazza trade page (wine) and the Five & 20 trade page (spirits and beer)

Customer service 101

Customer Service Basics (word doc – outline)
The Art of Table Touch for managers, leads, and all TR staff

Additional Staff Resources

virtual wine tasting vids

view Inner Circle wine club virtual tastings with Mario & Blaine via this youtube playlist (these vintages may be out of date but much of the info is still relevant!)

varietal info

links coming soon

What else would you like to see here?  

Please let your leader or manager know any other information or resources you’d like to see here! You can also email us:,,



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